Arsenic Trioxide for relapsed APML

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Induction Therapy

ATO was administered at a dose of 0.15 mg/kg given daily until bone marrow remission was observed (defined as the complete disappearance of all leukemic myeloblasts and promyelocytes and 5% overall myeloblasts by morphologic evaluation of the marrow), up to a cumulative maximum of 60 doses (Median 35 doses)

The prescribed daily dose was diluted in 5% dextrose and administered intravenously for 2 hours

Consolidation Treatment

Additional course of ATO as consolidation beginning 3 to 4 weeks after completion of their induction therapy
The dose for the consolidation course was the same as that administered during induction (0.15 mg/kg iv qd)
Treatment was given either daily, weekdays only, or on some combination thereof until a cumulative total of 25 doses were administered


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