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Ifosfamide 5,000 mg/m2 IV continuous infusion for 24 hours on day 2
Mesna 5,000 mg/m2 IV in combination with Ifosfamide dose
Carboplatin AUC 5 (5 x (25 + creatinine clearance)) IV on day 2
Etoposide 100 mg /m2 IV on days 1-3

Repeat cycle every 14 days
G-CSF is administered at 5 ug/kg on days 5-12


Moskowitz C et al. Ifosfamide, carboplatin and etoposide: a highly effective cytoreduction and peripheral blood progenitor cell mobilization regimen for transplant-eligible patients with non-Hogkin's lymphoma. J Clin Oncol 1999;17:3776-3785