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Rituximab 375 mg/m2 IV Day 1
Cyclophosphamide 750 mg/m2 IV Day 1
Vincristine 1.4 mg/m2 IV (max 2 mg) Day 1
Prednisolone 40 mg/m2 PO Days 1-5
Repeat cycle every 21 days; max 8 cycles


Marcus R et al. CVP chemotherapy plus rituximab compared with CVP as first-line treatment for advanced follicular lymphoma. Blood 2005; 105:1417

Previously untreated patients with stages III to IV follicular lymphoma were randomly assigned to receive either 8 cycles of CVP plus rituximab (R-CVP n=162) or CVP (n=159). Overall and complete response rates were 81% and 41% in the R-CVP arm versus 57% and 10% in the CVP arm, respectively (P < .0001). At a median follow-up of 30 months, patients treated with R-CVP had a very significantly prolonged time to progression (median 32 months versus 15 months for CVP; P < .0001). Median time to treatment failure was 27 months in patients receiving R-CVP and 7 months in the CVP arm (P < .0001). Rituximab did not add significantly to the toxicity of CVP.