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== Welcome to Onco Wiki ==
== Editors ==
Site editors are volunteers who help supervise the content of Oncowiki.<br> If you wish to be a volunteer, or wish to see a protocol included in the wiki please [ email me].<br>
Current editors:<br>
Alan Teh MBBS FRCP <br>
Information on this website is meant only for Healthcare Practitioners.
Use of any information obtained from this website is entirely at the user's discretion. You are advised to check the accuracy of any information yourself before using it in any way or in any clinical situation. The authors of OncoWiki do not warrant, represent or guarantee that the information contained herein is free from errors or omission. The authors of any section in Onco Wiki are not responsible for any consequences as a result of use of information from this website. Onco Wiki is not a substitute for up-to-date personal knowledge and good clinical judgment.

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