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This is a test pad to try out Wiki editing. Please note that Wiki editing is not the same as HTML editing. However, Onco Wiki has a built in Editor which makes it easy to learn the new commands. Just highlight the text with your mouse and select the text editing command for most functions. To edit this page, just click on the edit tab at the top.

New section

== Headline text

cervical cancer is leading cause of cancer deaths in women ==


affects poor women more test spam ==== Sub-subsection newline has no effect on the layout.

But an empty line starts a new paragraph.

You can break lines
without starting a new paragraph.

  • Unordered Lists are easy to do:
    • start every line with a star
      • more stars means deeper levels
  • A newline
  • in a list

marks the end of the list.

  • Of course
  • you can
  • start again.
  1. Numbered lists are also good
    1. very organized
    2. easy to follow
  2. A newline
  3. in a list

marks the end of the list.

  1. New numbering starts
  2. with 1.
  • You can even do mixed lists
    1. and nest them
      • or break lines
        in lists
definition of the word
longer phrase
phrase defined
A colon indents a line or paragraph.

A manual newline starts a new paragraph.

The blockquote command will indent both margins when needed instead of the left margin only as the colon does.

Centered text.




another test